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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ahhhh, The Waiting Game

Not hearing is a good thing...right? Wrong, it's driving me nuts. Distracting me from writing to the point that I'm ready to pull my hair out. Focus, girl, focus. Come on now the rejection or acceptance will come when they come. So much going on in the submission department for me right now that I'm on overload, which is good and bad both. Good that I'm able to write, bad that it's distracting me from keeping the flow going. The Romance Divas "We All Win" Best Opening Hook contest winner hasn't been announced yet. The Blaze contest announcement date is closing in. Two submissions to Woman's World and another submission in progress. So, if you're a writer maybe you can understand where I'm coming from on the hair pulling out thing. (LOL.) Sometimes even a rejection is a breath of relief. Not a good setiment maybe, but it's an answer to the waiting game we as writers play everyday. That's it for today's musing. Thank you for stopping by and listening to my ranting. (wink) Don't forget to check out my new print books available at: Perfect gift for any day. (Pssst, I made the covers myself)

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