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Thursday, September 22, 2005

ECataRomance Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hi, Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know about the ECataRomanace Halloween Scavenger Hunt starting October 1st. I don't have all the details or a prize list, but I did donate a downloadable copy of "Dead By O'Hallow's Eve" just for the occasion. So, if you want to have a spooktacular Halloween, drop by ECataRomance and participate. That's it for today. Stop by again soon. Sienna This is straight from ECata. Copyright belongs to ECata (Ally) 2005.10.1 Halloween Scavenger Hunt ~ Ecataromance is hosting a Scavenger Hunt this Halloween. And you could be the lucky winner of a fabulous grand prize or smaller secondary prizes. And we'll be traveling through some creepy author websites and learning some spooktacular tidbits. Join us on October 1st.

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