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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I"M BACK!!!!

I'm back and I can see again. LOL. I finally found the system I could live with and now I'm able to see everything in brilliant, bold color. Boy it's true you don't know what ya got till it's gone that's for sure. Now that I'm able to tell what I'm doing I'll be taking the next few days to update my website (yeah I can hear the cheers. Sick of the plain jane decor are we? Me too. LOL) So hopefully very soon you'll see a new look on my cyber home. Thank all of you for being so patient with me during my computer meltdown. I really appreciate the understanding and lack of complaints for the not so up to date information here lately. As for writing news. No, I didn't win the Blaze contest or the Romance Divas Best Opening Hook contest, but I did glean some understanding as to why thanks to Nadia. So in the long run, I do believe that each contestant did win in the end because feedback can be a great thing. I still haven't heard back from my two magazine submissions (I'm at eight weeks and counting. I hope that's a good thing) so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Woman's World will find that something special in me and my writing ability. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be. And speaking of Christmas, (shameful plug ahead) my print books are still available at CafePress. If you love romantic suspense then these books are for you or for that special friend, relative or crit partner. Razor's Edge by Cia Leah & Sienna Dawn Secrets & Sins Star of Destiny I hope that you'll enjoy the new covers I've made for them. I find them more appealing myself, but then again I could just be a little bit bias LOL. That's it for now. Please stay tuned for more and don't forget to keep an eye on my website at A new look could mean a new giveaway at anytime. Sienna

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