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Friday, May 19, 2006

I love Romance Divas

Hi everyone, TGIFF! Yep thank goodness it's finally Friday. The weekend has begun as well as the Romance Divas We All Win Query contest judging and I'm so hyped. This contest is just as awesome as all the others RD has hosted. I've gotten several judges comments on my entry and each and every one has been so helpful in showing me how I can improve my query letter. I know most people hate query letters almost as much as synopsis writing, but for me I find a query letter interesting. I searched the internet over for every article I could find on them before beginning my own for this contest and I can tell ya there is some very contradicting information out there. It's like a vast sea of confusion. So what did I do? Why I took what I thought were the best examples and mixed it all up to create what I hope turned out to be a very original idea with all the basic information. I guess to an extent it worked because one judge even commented on how my voice came through so well. Yay!!!! It's tough to write so much into such a tiny space and give an editor or agent an echo of you, but with just the right tone and well chosen words you can express so much about yourself that it amazes me (not that mine was perfect, believe me it was far from it), but the point is to learn from this contest and that's exactly what I've done. I hope to send this ms. to either Cobblestone Press for their Tryst line or Kensington's Aphrodisia line and thanks to another Romance Divas We All Win contest I feel very confident in my abilities to write a decent query letter--hopefully one that will snag the editors attention and rope me a contract.(big grin) So, if you're a writer looking for help then visit the Romance Divas. I promise you, you will not regret it. This is the largest FREE resource I have found during my four years of writing and not only will you learn so much, but you'll find yourself in the middle of the biggest family you've ever seen. Romance Divas know no strangers and they immediately welcome you as if you're a long lost family member. Where else can you find a vast collection of knowledgeable writers in various genres willing to answer any questions big or small plus lending a shoulder to cry on, a big hug during good times or bad, or prayers for those in need. No where that I've found. I'm proud to be a Romance Diva and I invite anyone who visits my blog or my website to come on over and join us. Become part of our family. Hugs, Sienna

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