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Monday, June 05, 2006

It's Ready to Go....

Hey everyone, Well it's Monday once again. Another day of summer school drop offs, pick ups and trips to the home improvement store, (Grins and sighs of exhaustion) but through it all I finally tweaked my query letter enough (I hope) to send it off. After the WAW Romance Divas query contest judging comments and my revamped and reposted attempt, the Divas have given me the go ahead with two thumbs up for my final draft. I want to post a big thank you to all the Divas who commented and suggested problem areas and gave me the help I needed to get this baby shining like a new penny. DIVAS ROCK!!!! So as I type I'm printing out my baby to send off into this big bad world and praying for it to be welcomed with open arms by the judges. The winners will be announced on or before August 14th so hopefully I'll be here in the near future posting great news. Thanks for stopping by today, Sienna

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