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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, the reports are rolling in from the fortunate attendees at Nationals and wow it sounds like everyone's having a blast. (Some more than others, hey Shelli (wink)) My hope is to one day join my fellow Divas at Nationals and be a part of the fun, excitement, partying and smoozing (Borrowing from Diva K here) Don't have too much fun without us ladies, but from what I've heard I think they rocked past fun and went straight to daring and Diva Domination Newsliners. We hope to see some pictures and updates soon. So stayed tuned and you might get a quick peek into the Nationals at Hotlanta. And for those of you left behind, like myself, we have some fun things going on over the Romance Divas site. There's a big blog party going on listed in the forum, A Diva prompt, writing challenges and word wars. So, come join us at the Romance Divas and join in the left behind club. (wink) Hugs, Sienna

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