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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Plug for my fellow Diva sisters

LinkCan You Keep A Secret Rose Middleton ISBN 1-59578-225-7 Can you keep a secret? I don’t suppose you can. I’m your secret Santa. Resist my wicked plan! It’s winter in Melbourne, Australia and investigative journalist Jesse Fox doesn’t want to participate in the Christmas in July gimmick his boss has instigated. He’s about to turn in hisI really don’t want to play this game note to the coordinator when he receives a mysterious package, which holds the most enticing dare he can imagine. Can he uncover the identity of his secret Santa before her titillating gifts drive him insane? As an administrative assistant in the biggest television network in town, Penny Lane should have better things to do than run the secret Santa gift exchange and coordinate a weekend retreat in the snow. Yet the game allows her to indulge in her secret fantasy with hotshot Jesse, and as her inner vixen emerges, Penny needs to keep him from realising plain Jane is behind the salacious gifts. Penny must decide if the friendship they share is more important than the possibility of spending the weekend retreat in Jesse’s bed. Exactly what will Jesse do once he uncovers the woman behind the red lace garter and the fur-lined handcuffs? AND Link Cassandra Curtis Cup of Fate ISBN: 1-59279-558-7. Can one woman find true love in tea leaves? Or is it a tempest in a teacup? Bryn Tuttle lost everything due to her bad taste in men. Now she's starting over fresh. In the misty bluegrass hills of Kentucky, she finds a new job, apartment and friends. When a co-worker invites her yard-sale shopping one weekend, she decides to tag along, never realizing fate has something else in store. They discover a rare item—a mysterious, antique, fortune-telling teacup. Bryn never suspects that a single sip from the Cup of Fate will change her life, that her future is actually linked to the tea leaves that cling inside. But when she drinks from the cup and next awakens, she soon comprehends that nothing will ever be the same...

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