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Friday, July 28, 2006

Romance Divas Rock Check out their New/Upcoming Releases

Sorcha's Heart by Debbie Mumford A legendary relic, a dragon-wrought amulet, the Heart of Fire may be the salvation of her people, and Sorcha is willing to pay any price to obtain it, but when she discovers the price is the loss of her humanity, she learns caution too late. Only a hero can save her, and he isn't human. Available July 30th from Freya's Bower Announcing the launch of a hot new shapeshifter series, ANIMAL URGES, by Tawny taylor: TITLE: MARK OF THE BEAST AUTHOR: TAWNY TAYLOR RELEASE DATE: JULY 26 PUBLISHER: ELLORA'S CAVE URL: Cover URL: GENRE: Shapeshifter Erotic Romance Excerpt URL: Blurb: City girl Abby Clumm wouldn't normally travel to remote cabins in Alaska alone. But with the expectation that her friend will be arriving shortly, she makes the journey to their rented cabin solo. Unfortunately, things don’t go as she plans--no real surprise there, when do they?--and her first night she finds herself alone in the boonies, a shotgun she doesn’t know how to use and a failing wooden door the only things standing between her and some kind of very hungry animal outside. She’s now caught in a battle for survival. Research scientist Tarik Evert has no idea what’s wrong. He’s suddenly driven by a need so urgent it’s painful. The scent of a woman nearby beckons him, sends him staggering outside into the cold. And then somehow he’s at her door, not sure what just happened...or what is about to happen if she lets him inside. He only knows one thing--the hunger that brought him to her in the first place.

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