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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What a Day

I'm telling you, when the day starts off bad don't bother getting up. Just crawl back under those covers, bury head and all, and say the heck with it till tomorrow. My morning started at 6:45 am after two hours sleep. Yep, only two hours. My sons, instead of going to school this morning, had a doctors appointment. Fun dragging three boys to the doctors office let me tell ya. After arriving at the doctors office 15 minutes early to a packed waiting room, we ended up waiting an additional 55 minutes to be called back. K, I'll be nice. Keep your irritation under control, you're just exhausted. Not, once back there it took another thirty minutes for all three boys to be weighed and bp's taken then trips to the potty for collection. K, getting irked now. Then we get placed in the room and nurse says strip to your underwear. K, no problem, but boys protest big time to her request and it's freezing in the room. Another thirty five minutes pass before the doctor finally decides to show up. Ten minutes later all three boys get a bill of health, three prescriptions and new medical info added to their charts. So I make a comment to the doctor about how busy he is and he replies "Yeah everybody waits till the last minute before school starts" Now I'm pissed and reply, "My kids have been in school for two weeks now. Due to my insurance I have to wait exactly a year to the day before I can bring my three in for their yearly physcials" He waves me off and walks out. Yeah kiss my ass to you too doc. Geez. So another twenty five minutes later I have school excuses, a scolosis xray order for my youngest twin son, and am checked out. Then it's off to the hospital next door, where I am moved from one end to the other before finally forty five minutes later my son is called back for his xray. (Yes I'm gritting my teeth by now with three kids hollering Mom I'm hungry) So I leave the hospital after a grand total of an hour and fifteen minutes and take them to get something to eat. Kids fed and quiet in the backseat I then head for the pharmacy to be told it'll be an hour wait before their meds are ready. Yep the kiddos didn't take that one well either. Mom is ready to pull her hair out and is having a really hard time keeping her eyes open without effort. I ask the lady to just keep the prescripts till tomorrow and I'll pick them up then. My kids do not do well in town or all day trips out (hey their mountain boys). They're tired, cranky and fighting like cats and dogs here. One more stop to go and finally I'm headed home. The minute I walk through the door my oldest son hits the sack, my other two hit the couches to kick back and watch tv and mom's sitting there wishing like hell she could take a nap as she begins to tackle the laundry, dishes, mail and everything else I have to do in the day. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed in the morning. (Yawn) You might ask well why are you still up right now, well I have another couple hours worth of work (this time it's my writing work) to do before I can actually lay down tonight or should I say in the morning before doing it all over again come 6:30-7:00 am. The good news is that the boys are going to school tomorrow (Yay) and Mom just might get a cat nap, although, I seriously doubt it, but hey a gal can dream right or at least I can until 3:45 when the boys get home from school. LOL. You know sometimes it's hard to wear so many caps in one day. It's exhausting on most days, but at the end of it when your kids are asleep and you're exhausted with no bedtime in site, just seeing those angels (yeah only when they're asleep are they angels) so peaceful makes the whole day worth while. At least until the following morning when it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Night everyone, Sienna

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