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Monday, September 18, 2006

Shout out for sister Diva Emma Petersen

YOU MUST BE 18 or older TO READ THE FOLLOWING. BRANDED by Emma Petersen Coming from Cobblestone Press September 22, 2006 Jenny and Ty have known each other most of their lives and have been attracted to each other since they’ve been old enough to know what attraction meant. A tragedy has bought Jenny back home to Parsons' Pass and into Ty’s arms. The heat between them is as hot as ever, but the scars he carries from his parents’ relationship and his own failed marriage keep Jenny at bay. When Ty comes close to losing the most important person in his life, he knows it’s time to bury the past and fight for their love. Excerpt: Excerpt from Chapter One “Seen enough?” Jenny jumped again, but managed to hold on to her bag. “Mighty jumpy, ain’t we Miss Jenny?” He approached her, his long legs eating up the distance, his stride reminding her of a tiger stalking prey. She lifted her chin. She wasn’t prey, and she refused to let him bully or intimidate her. She wrapped her professionalism around her like a shield and began to ask him questions concerning the mare about to foal. He stopped about a foot from her and tilted his head. “I don’t know who called you, but the mare’s no where near ready to foal.” She flushed. “Actually, the call came in to Grandpa Daddy’s office. The new vet doesn’t start for another month, so I came right over since I’ve temporarily taken over handling the patients.” His face softened at the mention of her grandfather, but it was gone so quickly she might have imagined it. “That was accommodating of you, rushing right over here.” He paused. “To save the day.” She hadn’t seen him move, but he was closer now. Close enough to touch; all she had to do was lift her hand. She clutched the bag tighter and took a step back. “Ty—” Jenny couldn’t swallow past the words crowding her throat. The things she wanted to say were better left unspoken. “Tyson, I know we have somewhat of a history.” He arched an eyebrow, his mocking gaze challenging her to expand on their “history”. “But, can’t we be civil?” She fought the need to close her eyes as she wished she were anyplace but here. She wanted to click her heels three times and wake up safe and sound back in her apartment in California. A thousand miles away from this man and the turbulent emotions he stirred inside of her, but mostly she wanted to touch him, and that scared the hell out of her. “Civil?” He drew out the word, as if it were a foreign word he was hearing for the first time. “Do you think it’s possible for two people who have licked the sweat off each other’s skin to be “civil”? “I—I just…” She backed away from him, the combination of his words and her memories wreaked havoc on her senses. Images slammed into her consciousness, and she could almost feel the weight of his body pressed against hers. She took another step back. She needed to get out the barn and as far away from him as possible. He followed her, invading her personal space, until she had no place else to go and her back was up against the wall. He continued to come at her still, until he had her pinned, crowded between two hard surfaces. She clutched her bag lodged between them, studied her hands, and refused to look up at him. “You just what?” His warm breath brushed her temple. She caught the scent of coffee and cinnamon, and tried not to give into the shiver it sent through her body. “Huh, Miss Jenny? You just what? Wanna be civil?” He grasped her chin in his hand and bought it up until her eyes met his. “If I remember correctly, you were anything but civil that night. I remember you clutching at me, begging me, and crying out my name.” He leaned forward until their faces were inches apart. “Now, I’m not the most learned man, and I didn’t attend no fancy university in California, but I’m almost positive that ain’t the meaning of the word.” She congratulated herself on meeting his gaze, when her legs wanted to slide down the wall in a boneless heap until she pooled at his feet. “And I don’t think it means to satisfy one’s curiosity about the wild neighbor boy and then run off to California as if you never had your legs wrapped around his neck while you shuddered against his mouth.” His words should have humiliated. Instead, they conjured dark images of the night she had cast everything aside—her pride, her caution, the possible consequences, and begged Tyson to fuck her. She flinched when he brushed his lips against hers, feeling the touch in the pit of her stomach. He licked her bottom lip, and Jenny’s own tongue darted out to taste the moisture he left behind. His eyes followed the small movement before his mouth crushed hers. She moaned and returned the kiss. Her body had been waiting for this. She lost focus and awareness of everything else as she concentrated on the taste and texture of Ty’s lips. She dropped her bag, entwined her fingers in his hair and pulled him deeper into the kiss, tangling her tongue with his. She squeaked in surprise as he grabbed handfuls of her ass and started to lift her. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist. His pelvis rocked against hers, and she tore her mouth from his, gasping for air. His erection brushed against her core, and she cried out, resenting the fabric that separated them. Before she could reach between them and get rid of the only barrier blocking him from where she needed him to be, Ty let go of her bottom and pushed away from her. Jenny collapsed against the wall and tried to steady herself. The heat in the barn was excruciating, and her skin screamed for his touch. Jenny fought to control her breathing as she touched the back of her hand to her swollen lips. He was the one to step back this time. He stood looking at her, his chest heaving. “Nah, Miss Jenny. I wouldn’t call that civil at all.” He gave her another thorough once over and walked out of the barn. Her legs gave up trying to hold her up and buckled, sending her sliding down the wall until she landed on the hay-covered concrete floor.

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